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The Bystrom C4 4 channel tube compressor

We're proud to be the exclusive Oregon dealer for Bystrom products. We found the C4 to be an excellent performing tube compressor that's extremely easy to use and of the highest sonic and build quality. Sometimes you find something out there that's has a bit more care and effort into design. This is one of those products. Everyone that has used these compressors has come away impressed by it's performance. One of those products that makes it hard to go back to those "other" brands. Yeah, it's that good.

A quote from a recent purchaser of a Bystrom C4:

"It's a keeper. This thing is quite cool. I am still experimenting with switching between slow, med, & fast. But so far it's an awesome box for a single space unit." -- Johnny - Signature Systems Inc. - Murfreesboro TN

Bystrom C4
The unique thing about this compressor is it's sound as gain is raised. As the gain (knob) is raised past 3 db to 6 db, a bit of harmonic "magic" happens which is excellent for cutting through the mix, especially in reverberant environments. This can be even more apparent when used with line array systems. While probably incredible for studio applications which it was first designed, it surpasses any compressor we've used for live audio.

Another unique aspect is the ability to order as standard with 2 different kinds of tubes for 2 channels of 2 different particular sonic signatures, or order with the same types of tubes when you know exactly what you want. The first 2 channels give a more slight high end sound which we prefer for male voices or things that benefit from a more pronounced high clarity such as deep male vocals or bass guitar. The second 2 channels are nice for "normal" type of compressor functions or singers with more high-end type of vocal attributes (read: screechy!). A person knowing that they were using the C4 always on male vocals might opt for ordering the unit with the same tubes that normally are loaded for the first 2 channels. Inversely, one that more often uses the unit for high end screeching singers or guitars might opt for the more "normal" sounding tube normally as loaded for the last 2 channels.

Regardless, the sonic signature can be continuously variable with channel selection and gain setting which makes it so nice to use and listen to. Another extremely important fact about the unit is it's not designed by engineers who never actually mix shows or record bands. Instead, the unit is designed by a sound engineer who actually has mixed 1000's of shows and mixed in the studio. Hundreds of hours have been spent with careful listening tests and with recording engineers to produce the smoothest most flexible compressor possible. We can't wait for the about to be released CX series!

For more information on the Bystrom C4 click here.

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