Auction Services

"Auctions are an extremely important event in that they're always a fundraiser. The right sound system and operation can add greatly to revenue for the client to meet their desired goals.

We can provide a specialized system for your event designed for the particular room you need sound reinforcement in. At every auction we have done, the client has told us that we helped boost overall revenue from $10,000 to $60,000 from what they previously had taken in using house sound systems.

Paramount importance is given to balanced, controlled speech and using techniques to provide articulation to the back seating areas without blowing out front row guests.

Using our specialized lifts allows us to fly speakers high for the best coverage while the design shape allows for stage lip parallel placement for complete unobstructed walkways. We can place our lifts anywhere, which means that conventional scissor lifts aren't needed for flying speakers from the ceiling which adds greatly to costs - and passed on to the unfortunate client".